Тираж книги «Тайная история саха» — II прибыл в Якутск
Сегодня, 17 октября в Якутск прибыл тираж второго издания книги «Тайная история Саха». Об этом SakhaLife сообщил автор книги Афанасий НИКОЛАЕВ, ...

Дженнифер Энистон вытеснила Меган Маркл из Книги рекордов Гиннесса
Рекорд был зафиксирован представителями Книги рекордов Гиннесса. Таким образом, Энистон обошла принца Гарри и Меган Маркл, которые набрали ...

В Владимире открылась выставка одной редчайшей книги
15 октября в выставочном центре "Палаты" Владимиро-Суздальского музея-заповедника открылась экспозиция редчайшей книги - пяти томов Ветхого ...

Мединского уличили в экстремизме из-за книги о татарах-«сосальщиках дани»
Автор обращения Артур Сабитов обратил внимание на спорные тезисы Мединского о татарах и привел несколько цитат из книги. В частности ...

Три книги по психологии, которые помогут преодолеть осеннюю хандру
Тем не менее главный герой книги Джона «Большая пятерка для жизни: приключение продолжается» — реальный канадский предприниматель. Жак ...

Lucia Lucian A. Polysaccharide Building Blocks. A Sustainable Approach to the Development of Renewable Biomaterials

This book is an archival reference for the evolving field of biomaterials and their applications in society, focusing on their composition, properties

Casazza Jack Understanding Electric Power Systems. An Overview of the Technology, the Marketplace, and Government Regulations

Technological advances and changes in government policy and regulation have altered the electric power industry in recent years and will continue to i

Thomas Jean-Hugh New Sensors and Processing Chain

A vital tool for researchers, engineers, and students, New Sensors and Processing Chain focuses on the processing chain to set up in order to extract

Westbrook Leslie David Satellite Systems for Personal Applications. Concepts and Technology

Presents the concepts, technology, and role of satellite systems in support of personal applications, such as mobile and broadband communications, nav

Sasu Tarkoma Publish / Subscribe Systems. Design and Principles

This book offers an unified treatment of the problems solved by publish/subscribe, how to design and implement the solutions In this book, the author

Jorge Ancheyta Modeling and Simulation of Catalytic Reactors for Petroleum Refining

Modeling and Simulation of Catalytic Reactors for Petroleum Refining deals with fundamental descriptions of the main conversion processes employed in

Оригинальные швейцарские соединения марки +GF+

1912. Издательство «Акционерное общество железнодорожных и сталелитейных заводов «Жорж Фишер». Сохра

Cynthia Barnhart The Global Airline Industry

Extensively revised and updated edition of the bestselling textbook, provides an overview of recent

Law Barry A. Technology of Cheesemaking

Now in a fully-revised new edition, this book covers the science and technology underlying cheesemak

Czarkowski Dariusz Resonant Power Converters

This book is devoted to resonant energy conversion in power electronics. It is a practical, systemat

Doeuff René Le Rotating Electrical Machines

In this book a general matrix-based approach to modeling electrical machines is promulgated. The mod

Kwan Godfrey K. Linear Systems

Linear systems have all the necessary elements (modeling, identification, analysis and control), fro

Eduardo Souza de Cursi Modeling and Convexity

This reference book gives the reader a complete but comprehensive presentation of the foundations of

Guillaume de la Roche Femtocells. Technologies and Deployment

This book provides an in-depth guide to femtocell technologies In this book, the authors provide a c

Sivakumar V. Unsaturated Soils. A fundamental interpretation of soil behaviour

An understanding of the mechanical properties of unsaturated soils is crucial for geotechnical engin

Gupta Manoj Magnesium, Magnesium Alloys, and Magnesium Composites

A look at the current and future uses of magnesium-based products and their role in the world’s envi

Lawler Desmond F. Water Quality Engineering. Physical / Chemical Treatment Processes

Explains the fundamental theory and mathematics of water and wastewater treatment processes By caref

Bhugra Dinesh Troublesome Disguises. Managing Challenging Disorders in Psychiatry

Troublesome Disguises examines psychiatric conditions which are not necessarily uncommon, rare or ex

Collias Dimitris I. Polymer Processing. Principles and Design

Fundamental concepts coupled with practical, step-by-step guidance With its emphasis on core princip

Bendat Julius S. Random Data. Analysis and Measurement Procedures

A timely update of the classic book on the theory and application of random data analysis First publ

Liu Zhanjiang Functional Genomics in Aquaculture

Genomics has revolutionized biological research over the course of the last two decades. Genome maps

Kunjappu Joy T. Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena

Now in its fourth edition, Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena explains why and how surfactants op

George James A. Smart Data. Enterprise Performance Optimization Strategy

The authors advocate attention to smart data strategy as an organizing element of enterprise perform

McCann John J. The Art and Science of HDR Imaging

Rendering High Dynamic Range (HDR) scenes on media with limited dynamic range began in the Renaissan

Smith Carl Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes

Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes is the first integrated review of the reproductive biology of

Malpass Dennis B. Introduction to Industrial Polypropylene. Properties, Catalysts Processes

This introductory text is an important resource for new engineers, chemists, students, and chemical

Utracki Leszek A. Polymer Physics. From Suspensions to Nanocomposites and Beyond

Providing a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art advanced research in the field, Polymer Phy

Piet W. N. M. van Leeuwen Phosphorus(III) Ligands in Homogeneous Catalysis. Design and Synthesis

Over the last 60 years the increasing knowledge of transition metal chemistry has resulted in an eno

Alshibli Khalid A. Advances in Computed Tomography for Geomaterials. GeoX 2010

This title discusses a broad range of issues related to the use of computed tomography in geomateria

Christensen Erik R. Physical and Chemical Processes in the Aquatic Environment

There is need in environmental research for a book on fresh waters including rivers and lakes. Compa

Abourashed Ehab A. Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients. Used in Food, Drugs and Cosmetics

The third edition of the unparalleled reference on natural ingredients and their commercial use This

Fan Xuetong Food Irradiation Research and Technology

The benefits of food irradiation to the public health have been described extensively by organizatio

Ritson Christopher Practical Ethics for Food Professionals. Ethics in Research, Education and the Workplace

This book offers a practical guide to the most pressing ethical issues faced by those working in foo

Kilara Arun Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing

The objective of this book is to provide a single reference source for those working with dairy-base

Davletshin Anton A Guide to Safe Material and Chemical Handling

There have been many volumes written that claim to be the most «comprehensive» compendium or handboo

Grivetti Louis E. Chocolate. History, Culture, and Heritage

International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) 2010 Award Finalists in the Culinary Hist

Phadke Arun G. Computer Relaying for Power Systems

Since publication of the first edition of Computer Relaying for Power Systems in 1988, computer rela

Robillard Walter G. Brown's Boundary Control and Legal Principles

The new edition of Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal Principles has been updated to reflect ongoing

Chevalier Yvon Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Wave Dispersion. Instrumentation and Experiment Interpretation

Over the last 50 years, the methods of investigating dynamic properties have resulted in significant

Wölfle W.H. Transformers and Inductors for Power Electronics. Theory, Design and Applications

Based on the fundamentals of electromagnetics, this clear and concise text explains basic and applie

Millard Alain Dynamic Behavior of Concrete and Seismic Engineering

While the static behavior of concrete has been the subject of numerous works, the same cannot be sai

Poellabauer Christian Fundamentals of Wireless Sensor Networks. Theory and Practice

In this book, the authors describe the fundamental concepts and practical aspects of wireless sensor

Varadan T. K. Plates. Theories and Applications

Plates: Theories and Applications provides a comprehensive introduction to plate structures, coverin

Estopinal Stephen V. Professional Surveyors and Real Property Descriptions. Composition, Construction, and Comprehension

The only modern guide to interpreting and writing real property descriptions for surveyors Technical

Kapustka Lawrence A. Environmental Risk Assessment and Management from a Landscape Perspective

An important guide to assessing and managing the environment from a landscape perspective Ecological

Southgate Paul C. Aquaculture. Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants

The output from world aquaculture, a multi-billion dollar global industry, continues to rise at a ve

Pineau André Fatigue of Materials and Structures. Application to Damage and Design, Volume 2

The design of mechanical structures with improved and predictable durability cannot be achieved with

Cuadra-Sanchez Antonio Quality of Experience Engineering for Customer Added Value Services. From Evaluation to Monitoring

The main objective of the book is to present state-of-the-art research results and experience report

Xiao Gaozhi Photonic Sensing. Principles and Applications for Safety and Security Monitoring

A cutting-edge look at safety and security applications of photonic sensors With its many superior q

Beckman William A. Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes

The updated fourth edition of the «bible» of solar energy theory and applications Over several editi

Tretyakov Sergei A. Modern Electromagnetic Scattering Theory with Applications

This self-contained book gives fundamental knowledge about scattering and diffraction of electromagn

Rosen Stephen L. Fundamental Principles of Polymeric Materials

New edition brings classic text up to date with the latest science, techniques, and applications Wit

Koch Magaly Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images. An Introduction

This fourth and full colour edition updates and expands a widely-used textbook aimed at advanced und

Nordbotten Jan Martin Geological Storage of CO2. Modeling Approaches for Large-Scale Simulation

Despite the large research effort in both public and commercial companies, no textbook has yet been

Coles Richard Food and Beverage Packaging Technology

Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, this volume provides a contemporary overview of f

Mubarak Saleh A. How to Estimate with RSMeans Data. Basic Skills for Building Construction

Using North America’s most recognized construction cost data from RSMeans, this step-by-step guide d

Eddy Nabuk Okon Green Corrosion Chemistry and Engineering. Opportunities and Challenges

With its unique focus on specifically addressing the problems for societies and economies associated

Charit Indrajit An Introduction to Nuclear Materials. Fundamentals and Applications

Covering both fundamental and advanced aspects in an accessible way, this textbook begins with an ov

Howard Luke R. Analysis of Antioxidant-Rich Phytochemicals

To quantify antioxidants in natural sources, the application of chromatography techniques with diffe

Vuran Mehmet Can Wireless Sensor Networks

This book presents an in-depth study on the recent advances in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The

Akiskal Hagop S. Bipolar Psychopharmacotherapy. Caring for the Patient

If a colleague were to ask me, What would you recommend I read if I want to become a real expert on

Barker Richard M. Design of Highway Bridges. An LRFD Approach

Up-to-date coverage of bridge design and analysis— revised to reflect the fifth edition of the AASHT

Spiller Marcus Urban Infrastructure. Finance and Management

The magnitude of investment, the long time-frames involved and the influence of pre-existing infrast

Segner Robert O. Construction Supervision

This book covers all supervisory situations one is likely to encounter on a commercial, industrial,

Brandon Peter S. Clients Driving Innovation

In recent years the construction industry has been criticised for lack of successful innovation comp

Klemas Victor V. Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change

Remote Sensing plays a key role in monitoring the various manifestations of global climate change. I

Kumar Neeraj Biodegradable Polymers in Clinical Use and Clinical Development

This book focuses on biodegradable polymers that are already in clinical use or under clinical devel

Bai Hua Transients of Modern Power Electronics

In high power, high voltage electronics systems, a strategy to manage short timescale energy imbalan

Hansen Karen Civil Engineer's Handbook of Professional Practice

A well-written, hands-on, single-source guide to the professional practice of civil engineering Ther

Kearsley Malcolm Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology

This book provides a comprehensive and accessible source of information on all types of sweeteners a

Zhang Honggang Cognitive Communications. Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI), Regulatory Policy and Economics, Implementation

This book discusses in-depth the concept of distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) and its applic

Plevyak Thomas Next Generation Telecommunications Networks, Services, and Management

An unprecedented look into the present and future of next generation networks, services, and managem

Schock Hans-Werner Chalcogenide Photovoltaics. Physics, Technologies, and Thin Film Devices

This first comprehensive description of the most important material properties and device aspects cl

Cao Jiannong Mobile Agents in Networking and Distributed Computing

The book focuses on mobile agents, which are computer programs that can autonomously migrate between

Kuo Way Importance Measures in Reliability, Risk, and Optimization. Principles and Applications

This unique treatment systematically interprets a spectrum of importance measures to provide a compr

Subchan Dr Subchan Computational Optimal Control. Tools and Practice

Computational Optimal Control: Tools and Practice provides a detailed guide to informed use of compu

Rong Min Zhi Self-Healing Polymers and Polymer Composites

A state-of-art guide on the interdisciplinary aspects of design, chemistry, and physical properties

Rahman Mohammad Shafiur Handbook of Food Process Design, 2 Volume Set

In the 21st Century, processing food is no longer a simple or straightforward matter. Ongoing advanc

Grace David Broadband Communications via High-Altitude Platforms

A unique book with systematic and thorough coverage of HAP related issues, problems and solutions. H

Romo Juan Microwave Line of Sight Link Engineering

A comprehensive guide to the design, implementation, and operation of line of sight microwave link s

Alasalvar Cesarettin Dried Fruits. Phytochemicals and Health Effects

Dried fruits serve as important healthful snack items around the world. They provide a concentrated

Iemma Francesca Antioxidant Polymers. Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

Antioxidant Polymers is an exhaustive overview of the recent developments in the field of polymeric

Wang Yu Engineering Risk Assessment with Subset Simulation

This book starts with the basic ideas in uncertainty propagation using Monte Carlo methods and the g

Letamendia Charlotte Home Area Networks and IPTV

The field of Home Area Networks (HAN), a dedicated residential subset of LAN technologies for home-b

Piégay Hervé Fluvial Remote Sensing for Science and Management

This book offers a comprehensive overview of progress in the general area of fluvial remote sensing

Paeschke Teresa M. Nondigestible Carbohydrates and Digestive Health

Featuring authors from academia as well as industry, this book provides a broad view of carbohydrate

Medjdoub Benachir Distributed Intelligence In Design

The book contains the papers developed from the presentations at the Distributed Intelligence in Des

Thomas K. Sabu Handbook of Engineering and Specialty Thermoplastics, Volume 3. Polyethers and Polyesters

The book summarizes many of the recent technical research accomplishments in the area of engineering

Martín Nazario Supramolecular Chemistry of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes

Collating our current knowledge and the latest developments for enabling breakthrough discoveries, t

Tiwari Ashutosh Responsive Materials and Methods. State-of-the-Art Stimuli-Responsive Materials and Their Applications

The development of finely-tuned materials that adjust in a predictable manner by specific environmen

Mohr Wanda K. Fundamentals of Psychiatry

Allan Tasman, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Louisville School of Me

O'Connor Patrick Practical Reliability Engineering

With emphasis on practical aspects of engineering, this bestseller has gained worldwide recognition

Cicek Volkan Corrosion Chemistry

Corrosion Chemistry details the scientific background of the corrosion process and contemporary appl

Gilbert John Bioactive Compounds in Foods

Inherent toxicants and processing contaminants are both non-essential, bioactive substances whose le

Charter Edward Functional Food Product Development

According to an August 2009 report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the United States market for functio

Berlemann Lars Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access

Cognitive Radio for Dynamic Spectrum Access gives a comprehensive overview of the main concepts behi

Pijaudier-Cabot Gilles Geomechanics in CO2 Storage Facilities

CO2 capture and geological storage is seen as the most effective technology to rapidly reduce the em

Back Werner Die Bierbrauerei. Band 2: Die Technologie der Würzebereitung

Dieses Handbuch kombiniert das gesamte Wissen, das fur erfolgreiches Bierbrauen benotigt wird: von d

Goudeau Philippe X-Rays and Materials

This book presents reviews of various aspects of radiation/matter interactions, be these instrumenta

Nicu Liviu Micro-and Nanoelectromechanical Biosensors

Most books dedicated to the issues of bio-sensing are organized by the well-known scheme of a biosen

Villeneuve François Geometric Tolerancing of Products

This title describes the various research results in the field of geometric tolerancing of products,

Schaufelberger John Construction Project Safety

This introduction to construction safety for construction management personnel takes a project-based

Ueno Takafumi Coordination Chemistry in Protein Cages. Principles, Design, and Applications

Sets the stage for the design and application of new protein cages Featuring contributions from a te

Gleason Thomas Introduction to UAV Systems

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been widely adopted in the military world over the last decade

Feuillet Mathieu Network Performance Analysis

The book presents some key mathematical tools for the performance analysis of communication networks

Zhang Shulian Orthogonal Polarization in Lasers. Physical Phenomena and Engineering Applications

This practical book summarizes the latest research results of orthogonally polarized lasers, birefri

Chaillet Nicolas Microrobotics for Micromanipulation

Microrobotics for Micromanipulation presents for the first time, in detail, the sector of robotics f

Yao Jiannian One-Dimensional Nanostructures. Principles and Applications

Reviews the latest research breakthroughs and applications Since the discovery of carbon nanotubes i

Ahn Doyeol Engineering Quantum Mechanics

There has been growing interest in the model of semiconductor lasers with non-Markovian relaxation.

Prasad Ramjee Cognitive Radio Networks

Giving a basic overview of the technologies supporting cognitive radio this introductory-level text

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